Why use Cork ?

If you only know cork as the stopper on your wine bottle, you are not alone. It is one of cork's oldest known uses, since its discovery many centuries ago. Over time, cork has been quietly working its magic in every part of our lives, from shoe sole to space shuttle. Now that it is making its foray into the world of consumer goods, it is time to get to know cork better!




Rubberised Cork Sheets

Rubberised Cork Sheet combines the compressibility of cork with the properties of resilience as well as resistance to mechanical action of rubber. Rubber cork can be a easily bent round sharp corner without cracking. They are strong, flexible and easy to cut and can be used for gaskets even with very narrow borders. The unique cellular structure compresses under pressure and creates a reverse pressure on the restraining forces. This fight back is a primary requirement in any good gasket material. Rubberised Cork in sheet having manufacturing standard size of 2 feet X 3 feet, 3 feet X 3 feet and 1000 mm x 1000 mm and thickness from 1.0 mm to 20 mm. The AMCORK brand other sizes are available on request. We have manufacturing the sheets as per IS 4253 Part II specifications or as per customer requirement.

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Rubberised Cork Frames

Rubberised Cork frames are not only of superior quality but also cost effective due to our technological initiatives. Normal course gaskets are manufactured by punching sheets, which leave substantial expensive waste. The frames are then punched into gaskets resulting in substantial benefits to customers with large requirement in segments like auto industries. Rubber Cork Frames is cost savings for manufacturing of gaskets.

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Rubberised Cork Gaskets

AMCORK offering finished gaskets and components, supplies various components/gaskets for the automotive industry and components / top-cover gasket used in transformer industry. We have manufacturing Gasket as per customer’s drawing or sample. Our manufacturing efforts to reduce component cost, time and labour in industries. We manufacture Rubberised Cork Gasket of any shape and type, it may be Rectangle, Square, Round, L type or any shape. Rubberised Cork Gasket manufactured by us are completely leak proof as the same are made JOINTLESS.

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Rubberised Cork Strips

As per need of from the Transformer manufacturing industry, we have manufacturing the continuous Rubber Cork Strips with the width from 20 mm up to 600 mm and thickness from 1 mm to 10 mm.

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Agglomerated Cork Sheet

ALight in weight, thermal resistant and impermeable to liquids/gases.Get the Cork sheets designed the way you require.Self adhesive backing with extreme durability and hard wearing cork sheets are offered by AMCORK to the industry. Cork sheets offered are agglomerated cork sheets that are widely used in the industry and have various applications. This endures it to never ending potential of cork products. AMCORK provides the best of cork sheets as per Customer's requirement.

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Cork Granules

Granulated cork finds usage in manufacture of Composition Cork, Rubber Cork, as well as used independently for Insulation in cold storage plants, insulation for buildings ensconced between concrete walls etc. It is widely used as a frictional material in brake shoes and moulded clutch plates for the automotive industry.

The construction industry finds a large usage in granulated Cork. Its usage between concrete layers of walls and roofing's can reduce heat loss by nearly 35 - 50 % .The usage of Cork as a natural thermal and acoustic insulator finds wide acceptance.

Cork Granule is available in 0.2 mm/0.5 mm, 0.5 mm/1 mm, 1 mm/2 mm, 3 mm/4 mm and 4/8 mm mesh sizes.

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Cork Stoppers

We have offering the Cork Stoppers as per standard sizes and use for winery industry.

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Decorative Cork

Natural pattern of cork lends striking elegance and finish to a room’s interior. Our decorative cork line includes cork wall and floor tiles and memo boards. Cork flooring tiles are available in varied designs and colors. The Decorative Cork is value the tiles act as good acoustic and insulating material. The Decorative Cork is available in 300 mm x 300 mm, 600 mm x 600 mm tile size in thickness from 3 mm to 12 mm.

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